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Recoding in genomes

Recoding sites in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Recoding in Sacharomyces cerevisiae In collaboration with the group of Alain Denise (IGM/LRI) we have developed a genomic approach to search for recoding sites in published genomes. Basically, two approaches are developed: 1. an approach based on recoding consensus motifs that are search in the genomes. Once such motif identified the candidate genes are further characterized using the tools available in the group. 2. The second approach does not rely on any consensus motif. We (...)

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Recoding in archae

Recoding in archea Pyrrolysine has been first identified in a methylamine methyltransferase from a methanogen bacteria (Mathanosarcina barkeri). This amino acid is incorporated at the UAG codon, which is usually used as a stop codon in the standard genetic code. There are several similarities between pyrrolysine and selenocysteine incorporation, despite the fact that the latter use a dedicated translational machinery. It has been shown that UAG codons are under-represented in the (...)

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