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5 February 2011

Team presentation

The GST (Genomic, Structure and Translation) group has been officially created at the Institut de Génétique et Microbiologie (IGM).

Our main research interest is to decipher mechanisms of translation fidelity in eukaryotes and their integration in cell physiology. We are especially interested in recoding (stop codon readthrough and programmed frameshifting), which represent both a fantastic tool to study translation fidelity and an interesting translational regulation step of gene expression. Recoding is also used to study the ribosome interacting with mRNA secondary structure at a structural level. The group is strongly committed in teaching, with 3 lecturers (assistant professors) and 1 professor at University Paris-Sud, and 1 lecturer at University Paris 6.

Our team participates to the RNA and bioinformatics axes that include all the teams from the IGM working in these fields. This provides a stimulating environment for discussions and collaborations.


We are located 30kms south/west from Paris in the campus of the Université Paris_Sud. You can reach the IGM either by train (RERB Orsay Ville) that is connected to Roissy CDG and Orly Airports, and to the TGV (Massy-Palaiseau) or Eurostar (Gare du Nord, Paris).
You will find here a plan to reach the lab once you are at Orsay Ville station (RER B).